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General Description

Central Control Unit

Chairman Unit / Delegate Unit

Extension Unit

System Components


TL-VCB4200 Digital Conference System


TL-VCB4200 digital conference system, designed for b tabletop installation, offers a multi-functional conferencing solution that combines microphone management, delegate discussion, digital voting, simultaneous interpretation, language distribution, attendee registration, chipcard reading, chairman priority, LCD display, headphone listening, video switching, camera tracking, digital recording and software control. 


The basic system on a central control unit supports up to 60 delegate units and 5 dual-interpreter units, and can be expanded to 1000 delegate units with additional extension units.  It can seamlessly interface with GONSIN IR/RF wireless transmission system to provide simultaneous interpretation for additional participants, ideally suited for use in a wide range of applications from city councils to parliament chambers, from boardrooms to convention centers, and from hotels to state houses.



■    Superior sound quality

■    Highly resistant to mobile phone interference

■    Microphone with pluggable stem and light ring

■    Support multiple chairman and vice-chairman units

■    Automatic video camera tracking



■    Attendance registration: IC card inserting, Key press and

       supplementary registration

■    Discussion when operated in a stand-alone mode:

    ◎Basic system can control up to 60 devices, expandable to 1,000

       devices with extension control units

    ◎Auto/FIFO/Operator microphone modes can be selected

    ◎1/2/3/4 delegate microphones can be active simultaneously

    ◎Multiple chairman units & 10 vice-chairman units can be used

    ◎Unidirectional electret condenser microphone

    ◎Pluggable gooseneck microphone stem with red ring illuminant to

       indicate active microphone

■    Voting/ election when operated with the system software:

    ◎Parliamentary voting:Yes/Abst/No, first key press voting and dynamic


    ◎Election: elect one or more out of N candidates, has ‘ competitive election’

       and ‘ equal number election’

    ◎Opinion poll/Grading:1/2/3/4/5 buttons


   Simultaneous Interpretation:

    ◎User-friendly selection of 6 language channels

    ◎Easy interfacing with the IR/DSSS simultaneous interpretation system

■    Supports automatic video camera tracking with panorama view

■    Chairman/vice-chairman units can be active at any time

■    Chairman unit can override/mute all the active delegate units

■    Chairman can approve or reject delegates who request to speak


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