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System Software


Digital Conference Management System Software


   Main Features


  Registration: Tracking record the information of registration, identification for the attendees holding cards, samely carrying out the real time collection and disposal

 Discussion: setting for pre-conference, controlling conference discussion process,multi-speaking mode, recording,digital kinescope, automatic camera tracking and checking after the conference.

 Voting: Voting for some topic for discussion or candidate , including conference registration, voting, election, fast eclection,appraisal and grading etc.

  Conference slogan: displaying the big title of the conference slogan in the screen.

 Manuscript Management: preediting the speaking manuscript, supporting TXTPowerPoint format.

  System ManagementincludingUser managemen, Device management,Conference arrangement,Seats arrangement, Screen setting up,Manuscript editing, Personnel data, Conference setting up, Basic setting up, Video management setting up, Conference slogan,registration Management, speaking management, voting management and information management after the conference.


   Brief introduction of the controlling module of software voting:


  System self-testupon turning on the power supply of voting units, the voting units will automatically test if the batteries and the key-presses are in the normal state. The system soft automatically test if the voting units and the communication are normal, 

Test of frequency and conversion testing online the wireless signal of the locale environmental to select by converting frequency the optimal working frequency band.

  Registration and Supplement: register and vote by inserting card and key-pressing and Auto-formed a statistic for the actural voted delegates with a dynamic display, the late will vote or elect with the added units.

   Seting of conference Slogan and topicsetting with agility conference slogan topic and voting proceedings.(Add/Edit/Delete)。

  votingpressing YES\ABST\NO to vote, the results will display LCD in the Auto-formed statistics.

  electionElecting one or a few candidatesthe results will display LCD in the Auto-formed statistics.

  Democratic appraisal press the keys “2345 “to vote, meaning accordingly “ very satisfied, satisfied, bisically satisfied and not dissatisfied”,the results will display LCD in the Auto-formed statistics.


 Registration by key-pressing voting by first and last key-pressing is valid,please choose either of the two ways.

  Display, printing and saving of the result: Auto-formed statistics for the results of voting , election and appraisal will display in table andgraph, which couldn’t be modified,   the results can be printed and save.

  Display of the separated screensthe operation interfaces (including operating and chairperson screens) and the display interface can be displayed separately.


Chief function introduction of the discussion controlling module

Self-CheckThe system will check circularly the communication for every delegate unitisnormal.

Setting of seatsSetting the seats of the attendee before confernecing, if some delegates haven’t taken their seats, the opeartor will preset the seats by mouse to modify the layout of the seats, but if the layout is often changed, it is better way to edit the new layout before the conference ane import the layout directly by the function of arrangement seats.

Registration by key-pressingthe delegates register by key-pressing, the system automatically will make a statistics to the number of the actual attendee.

It is available for delegates to register by key-pressing, the system will automatically make a statistics of the number of the attendee, names of the delegates with a graph. And an auto-formed table will be save as registration record and printed.

Request to speakThe chairperson microphone is free to be activated,The delegate microphone cannot be activated until a registered request is allowed by the operator or chairperson. At most four delegate microphones are allowed to simultaneously speak.


Wait to speakThe chairperson microphone is free to be activatedthe first delegate to push the MIC button will get the start to speak, and the other delegates will have to wait in queue. Only one delegate is allowed to speak at one time.

Free Discussionevery delegate turn on the delegate unit by key-pressing to speak freely, simultaneous active delegate microphones from 1-5..

Camera TrackingThe camera automatically tracks the speaker, it turns to track the chairperson unit during the registration and while no one is speaking, and samely display in the large screen, which is available to be kinescoped and save as Compact Disc.

Auto.Recordingthe system will record the speech of every delegate unit, and save for future track and consulting.

Gathering all the delegate microphones into one point to control, and arranging them according to the seats numbers, the operator will prearrange the name list of the speaker, based on the name list, the microphones are orderly activated and turned off.

The camera will automatically track the delegate unit preset while the microphone are turned on.

Operator presets the speaking time according to the demand of the topic of conference.



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