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Wireless Voting & Interpretation Terminal BJ-W5I

Server GONSIN30000I

ZJ-W5 Wireless Base Station Unit

ZJ-K1 Wireless Voting Central Controller

Interpreter Console TC-F06/16

System diagram

BJ-W5I Wireless Voting & Interpretation System

General Description
BJ-W5I is the first wireless handheld system with voting, interpretation and attendance registration in AV industry, which brings more convenient, more stable and intelligent conference experience. The system utilizes GONSIN self-developed FSFHSS( frequency selecting-frequency hopping spread spectrum) technology and fully digital wireless communication technology; it comes with superior interference resistance, wider bandwidth and CD-level sound quality, to ensure stable performance and efficient voting process.

System Features
◆Utilize GONSIN self-developed FS-FHSS technology, and on-site environment wireless signal detection and selection technology, ensuring system highly resistant to any interference and keeping stable performance.
◆Highly flexible for conference places, suitable for various conference places including outdoor/indoor/ temporary/fixed conference places
◆AES for data encryption, preventing malicious interference and interception
Super-strong anti-interference capability, being immune to any light source, wireless communication equipment, and signal jammer
Simultaneous interpretation, voting, interpretation&voting all-in-one, three working modes to meet various demands
◆Adjustable transmission power, the effective communication distance could reach from 50m to 500m. ( Different working modes have different communication distances)
◆Within the effective signal scope, unlimited system capacity in interpretation mode, suitable for small/medium/large/super-large conferences
◆All-direction transmission, allowing participants to move within the effective transmission scope
◆Support up to 16 channels interpretation
◆One system just requires one wireless access point and one wireless voting central control unit, which makes the installation simple and widely applicable.
GONSIN30000I congress server can support conference discussion with direct connection to DCS-3021 wireless discussion terminals
◆In voting mode or all-in-one mode, BJ-W5I, BJ-W5/BJ-04-W wireless voting system can co-work together.
◆Low power consumption, low transmission power, comply with the global electrical design and communication design standard 

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