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Digital Audio Processor

Digital Audio Processor GX-DSP1001


  • 24-Bit 192 KHz Sampling Frequency, High Performance TI BB AD/DA Converter 
  • 32/64-bit Floating-Point DSP processor 
  • Extensive Use Of Hi-Fi Components,ELNA capacitors OPA2604AU OPAMPS, Excellent Sound Quality 
  • Convenient matrix and route setting, the adjustable  direction of the channel in according to the user’s requirement 
  • USB and RS485 connector port control, wireless WI-FI remote control and 255 units linkable trough RS485 
  • Switching Power Supply, high switching frequency, small ripple, stable performance 
  • 24X2 Blue Backlight LCD Display 

Technical Parameter 
Inputs\outputs channels    2 inputs 4 outputs(XLR balance)
Inputs\outputs impedance   10KΩ\100Ω
Inputs\outputs gain range   -12 dB---+12dB
Inputs indicator  5LED  -20dBu-+10dBu;clip 
Outputs indicator  5LED  -20dBu-+0dBu;clip;limit 
THD      ≤0.02%在1kHz 0dB 
S/N       >100dB
Frequency response  20Hz- 20kHz ±0.5dB
Limit range  -20dB-+10dB
Attack time  0.3ms-100ms
Release time  2x\4x\8x\16x\32x
Input delay  0-20.16 millisecond
Output delay  0-20.16 millisecond
EQ        input 8 band\output 8 band
EQ type    PEQ\LS6dB\HS6dB
EQ gain range         -12 dB---+12dB
High/Low pass filter frequency range   19.7Hz to 21.9KHz
High/Low pass filter type   Bessel/Linkwitz-Riley/Butterworth
LPF\HPF cutoff rate  12dB/18dB/24dB/48dB
Switching power supply      85-250V 50-60Hz, max32W
Display    2ⅹ24   LCD screen
Size(H/W/D )   482 x 182 x 44mm
Net weight  2.5kg

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