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System Overview

Congress Terminal

Congress Server

Wireless AP

Charging Cabinet

Transport Case

System Diagram

FS-FHSS Wirelss Congress System

DCS-3021 Wireless Congress System


System Features

♦ Modern-style design

♦ It utilizes FS-FHSS( Frequency Selecting - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) GONSIN innovated and 2.4-2.48 GHz digital wireless communication to detect and select available frequency and avoid co-channel interference; select available frequency and avoid co-channel interference;

♦  In support of multiple systems to be used concurrently without mutual interference;

♦ Capability to process up to 500 devices within a large-sized wireless congress system;

♦ All parts of the system is small size and light weight, all-in-one package is optional, easy carrying and removal

♦ Terminals can be shut down via server.

*FS-FHSS( Frequency Selecting –Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) Selecting-Hopping technology: Frequency hopping communication technology is a common spread spectrum communication technology which is widely applied to various wireless communication fields. GONSIN has developed the unique FS-FHSS based on the spread spectrum communication technology. The new technology can monitor and select the undisturbed frequency band. FS-FHSS makes sure the stability of the communication. It is applied to GONSIN wireless conference system, which implements the discussionsimultaneous interpretation

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