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System Overview

Desktop Congress Terminal

Extended Terminal of Paperless Conference

Congress Server

Interpreter Terminal

Power HUB

Data Server

Wireless AP

System Configuration

Economical Paperless Conference System


The paperless multimedia function of the DCS-2021 economical paperless conference system can be realized by adding extended terminals to meet requirements of administrative conferences; this function can be extended as well with a pad or smartphone, which is a most economical paperless conference solution.



l  Phase-by-phase deployment, making investment flexible

Though budge is limited and investment is difficult to realize in a short time, DCS-2021 can help you upgrade the voting or paperless function anytime.

l  Just a system to meet different custom requirements of conferences, making 

conference organization and operation flexible

How to realize a paperless function for the chairman terminal when the delegate terminal does not come out with the voting function? DCS-2021 allows users to set functions for single terminal, meeting requirements of organizing and operating different kinds of conferences within a site.

l  Up-to-date conference system, making product upgrade flexible

DCS-2021 allows users to upgrade different kinds of functions, including screen size management, attendance registration, voting, multi-screen interaction, conference notification, address navigation, timed notification, conference service, and conference control & management. 


Besides the adding extended paperless conference function, the DCS-2021 discussion terminal allows the delegate to speak, request to speak, listen to speech, and has automatic camera tracking function. The discussion and interpretation terminal accommodates up to 32-channels; With a USB port, the handheld voting units can be externally connected to extend voting function; Each congress terminal comes with headphone jack and volume control for the delegate to hear the floor audio and any interpreted language channels, and adjust volume level for comfortable listening. 1 to 4 delegate microphones can be activated at the same time. Built-in loudspeaker mutes automatically when the microphone is turned on. Under voiceactivated mode, the microphone is automatically turned on when the delegate speaks, and VOX sensitivity can be adjusted, which is user-friendly to ordinary clients and visually impaired clients. All-in-one capacitive touch button design will also improve users’ operation experience.

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