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Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphone GX-U201
Wireless Microphone GX-U201 
◆ Utilize UHF frequency to transmit, reduce the interference from outside signal
◆ Diverse antenna to receive the signal
◆ 80 meter effective distance
◆ Super wide LCD screen to display the system state
◆ Utilize PLL frequency synthetic technology, stable performance
◆ High-performance CPU to deal with multiple functions
◆ IR frequency 200*2 adjustable channels, multiple sets of devices operates simultaneously
◆ Hi-fi, wide frequency response, high dynamite range, Ultra-cardioids head
◆ Full-metal microphone shell, with drop resistance, durable quality 

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range  590~890MHz
System   Diversity
Channel   200*2
Frequency quantities    200*2
Bandwidth     30MHz*2
Sensitivity   <-97dBm for 30dB S/N Ratio
Frequency deviation   ±68KHz
Frequency Response   60~15000 Hz
SNR   >105dB(A)
T.H.D   <0.5%
Dynamic Range   >100dB
Audio Socket   XLR+jack
Antenna socket   2TNC, 50Ω
Audio output level   2TNC, 50Ω 

Technical Parameter of Wireless Microphone 

Frequency Range     590~890MHz
Channel    200*2
Output power   5mW/30mW
Vice-wave suppression   >70dBc
Bandwidth    60MHz
Max Deviation Range    +48kHz
Frequency Response   60~15000Hz
SNR    >105dB(A)
T.H.D   <0.5%
Input Voltage Range   mic 1V max
Power Supply    2x1.5 V(AA)
Battery consumption >  8 hours

Technical Parameter of Body-pack Microphone *Optional 

Frequency Range     590~890MHz
Channel      200
Output power   30mW
Vice-wave suppression  >70dBc
Bandwidth    60MHz
Max Deviation Range   +48kHz
Frequency Range     60~18000Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio   >105dB(A)
T.H.D     <0.5%
Input Voltage Rang   mic 0.8V max
Power Supply   2x1.5 V(AA)
Battery Consumption  >  8 hours

Device List
One Receiver
Two wireless hand-held microphones or body-pack microphones( Optional)
One power
4 *1.5V batteries
Two rubber antenna
one 1.5 meter cable

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