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TL-VQ5600+TC-Q5600 Discussion and Interpretation System



TL-VQ5600+TC-Q5600 discussion and interpretation system offers a flushmount conference solution for microphone discussion, simultaneous interpretation, language distribution, video tracking and software control.  Flush discussion unit allows the delegate to talk and request to talk. Flush loudspeaker can be added to meet the venue needs. Flush channel selection unit is available with 6 channels for the delegate to hear the selected channel through a personal headphone. Volume control buttons can be used to adjust the headphone volume level for comfortable listening. 


Each discussion unit comes with a built-in RJ-45 port which can be used for future expansion. Optional plug-and-play handheld keypad can be connected when attendance, voting, election, and evaluation are required.



◆  Flexible module-based solution

Function modules can be stand-alone installed or easily combined to suit the venue environment and meet the customer needs, offering a versatile conference solution.


◆  Smart voice activation mode

The system can be operated under VOX (voice activation) mode so that the microphone is automatically turned on when the delegate speaks.  VOX sensitivity can be adjusted to suit conference environment.  This microphone mode enables hands-free operation with no need to push the microphone button.  


◆Future-proof system expansion

Built-in expansion port of the discussion module is designed for plug-and-play handheld module.

It becomes easier to upgrade the system and extend more features when necessary in the future.




Major system component parts:

central control unit, extension unit, discussion unit, channel selection unit, loudspeaker, connector(conjuntion box), interpreter console, conference management software, dome camera, computer, sound equipment and display equipment.

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