GONSIN Conference System Installed in Bank of China Anhui Branch

Introduction: Recently, Bank of China Anhui Branch has officially moved to Pinghu district, the new building has 78,400 spare meters with 180 meter height and 39 floors. Bank of China Anhui Branch has set 15 sub- branches, 53 county sub-branches and Hefei Management Department in Hefei city, which forms a service system and institute network in the province-wide. Nowadays, the new office building is completed, and the intellectual conference system is now completed and ready for service.

Bank of China Anhui Branch responses to the call from the Head Office to build up International First-class Commercial Bank, accelerates the transformation and upgrading, improves management. According to this demand, Anhui Branch inclined to build up a set of complete intellectual conference system for eight conference venues including multi-function conference hall, conference lecture hall.   

According to the customer’s requirements, solution should focus on the suitability, reliability, economy and extendibility of the system. This intellectual conference system could improve the communication and coordinate ability of the staff. 

Reasonable Functions
Reasonable function combination for different conference rooms, it takes advantages of the flush-mounting installation, hidden cabling, makes the conference system harmony with the conference venue.

Stable System
Because multimedia conference system is for continuous operation and relevant with the bank issues and management, the stability of the system is highlighted.

System Extendibility
With the developing conference system technology and customer’s demand changing, the design of the conference system should consider the demand for extending to satisfy the future leading position.

Economical System
After guarantee of the advanced, reliable and cost-efficient system, combined design can help the customers to upgrade gradually, no need to pay for the unwanted function.

According to the conference venues and customer’s demand, GONSIN design team offered a set of conference solution based on 5600 series flush-mounting basic discussion system. GONSIN 5600 series is flush-mounted digital conference system with combined functions, including five function modules: namely basic discussion module, simultaneous interpretation modules, voting module, extended handheld voting module, and loudspeaker. All these modules can be separated or flexibly combined use, easy setup according to conference requirements. Strong supporting function can meet the future demand for extending functions.

5600 Series Flush-mounting Combined Digital Conference Discussion System

TL-5600 flush-mount basic discussion module can realize speak, request to speak and auto camera tracking functions. It comes with a extending port, with plug-and-play handheld voting module, it can realize the extended registration/voting/election/evaluation function. 

The simultaneous interpretation modules can support up to 6 channels wired interpretation, the participants can listen to the selected language channel and adjust the volume with earphones; 

The voting module can realize registration, voting, election, evaluation, grading functions;

Extended handheld voting system: by the extended interface, it is plug-and-play, make it convenient for user to realize the extended registration/voting/election/evaluation function.

The loudspeaker can be added according to venue needs;

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