Mission: Build bridges of highly effective communication in global perspective.

• Corporate Motto: Delivering Trust & Value. 

• Employment Principle: Hire people who are willing and able to take responsibility.



Ten Rules: Gonsin Staff Code of Conduct


1. Abide by our mission and core values.  Perform our jobs in an earnest manner.

2. Show courage to take responsibility.  Do not tend to look for any excuse.

3. Try to find people who are much better than ourselves.

4. Dare to innovate and pioneer.  Adapt to change.

5. Keep an open mind about the future.  Take a positive attitude towards people or things.

6. Try to communicate more effectively.  Evaluate our job performance publicly.  Never engage in gossip.

7. Act fast!  Keep our goals clearly in mind.

8. Constantly learn and enhance our personal competence and moral character.

9. Improve our work styles and techniques on a continuous basis.  Make a little progress day by day.

10. Heighten awareness of efficiency, quality and cost.  Keep an eye on the details.



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