GONSIN Timelines


August 2000 - Gonsin Intelligent Engineering Division (the former of Gonsin Company) was established, focusing on conference equipments R & D, production and sales.



June 2001 - Gonsin launched the first set of conference voting system with card inserting, with two-way of full checksum calculation and diversified integrated computing check.



July 2002 - Gonsin conference voting system with card inserting was awarded the "Key New Product of Guangdong Province".



December 2003 - Gonsin Intelligent Conference Equipment Co Ltd was founded, and launched the first set of wireless voting system featuring frequency selection and frequency correction.



 September 2004 - "Gonsin for People's Congress" promotional event was held. Using wireless voting system was very popular in the People's Congresses in China, which established the leading position of Gonsin voting system in the industry.


 November 2004 - Gonsin wireless voting system and digital conference system were chosen by the Ministry of Commerce as a Chinese state gift to the Parliament of Moldovan Republic.



 January 2005 - Gonsin new factory was officially opened at Fengxiang Industrial Estate.



 March 2006 - Gonsin was certified as a software firm by Information Industry Department of Guangdong Provincial Government. In the same month, the company name was changed to "Foshan Gonsin Digital Conference Equipment Co Ltd".


 May 2006 - Gonsin Company and Guangdong Public Technology Center jointly established a laboratory for digital conference system software.


October 2006 - Gonsin launched the industry's first wireless simultaneous interpretation system using the state-of-the-art DSSS technology .


 December 2006 - Gonsin wireless conference voting system was awarded as a project of "National Torch Program 2006" in China.



 June 2007 - UNESCO World Heritage Committee 31st session and Organization of American States general assembly chose to equip Gonsin digital conference system and wireless interpretation system.  Gonsin has shipped to more than 70 countries worldwide.



 March 2008 - Gonsin R&D centre was established to expand product research and development.


 April 2008 - DSSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system was awarded as one of "Key New Products in Guangdong Province" .

 June 2008 - Gonsin launched DSSS wireless conference system using advanced DSSS wireless technology.


 December 2008 - Gonsin DSSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system was awarded as a project of "National Torch Program 2008-2009".



 March 2009 - Gonsin was certified as a State-level High-Tech Enterprise in China by Guangdong Provincial Government. 


 April 2009 - Gonsin head office and manufacturing facilities relocated to the new address at No.41, Shunxiang Road, Fengxiang Industrial Estate, Shunde, Guangdong.


 December 2009 - Gonsin became a proud member of International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).


 December 2009 - GONSIN trademark has been registered in more than 60 countries worlwide.



March 2010 - Gonsin's registered business name was officially changed from "Foshan Gonsin Digital Conference Equipment Co Ltd" to "Guangdong Gonsin Digital Equipment Corporation".


 July 2010 - Gonsin digital conference system was chosen to equip the 34th session of UNESCO World Heritage Committee held in Brasilia, Brazil.  



 May 2011 – the 4th United Nations Conference on LDCs equipped the summit meetings and special events with Gonsin digital conference systems of over 1000 delegate units.  Gonsin has shipped to more than 120 countries worldwide.


 May 2011 - At the PALM Expo 2011 in Beijing, Gonsin officially released the revolutionary Daya DCS distributed congress system which may redefine the conference system.


 July 2011 – Gonsin relocated its head office and manufacturing facilities to Idea Industry Park, Shunde, Guangdong.


 June 2012 - Rio+20 World Summit of Legislators was equipped with GONSIN system.GONSIN  products have been exported to over 120 countries worldwide.


 May 2013 - Gonsin enters South Wisdom Valley’s headquarter park, and attended the groundbreaking ceremony as a proprietor.


 Aug 2014 – Gonsin has completed joint-stock restructuring, and changed its name officially to “Gonsin Conference Equipment Co., LTD.”.


 November 2015  – Gonsin became a joint-stock enterprise, with its name officially changed to Gonsin Conference Equipment Co., LTD.

 7th December 2015  – Gonsin has been the first one in the professional conference system industry to be officially listed in National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) with stock code as 834726.

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